“I consider giving your husband a book on his birthday next month?”

“Oh, we have already got a book at home!”

We want to be the company that helps you solve the stressful issue of gift-giving. Our vision is based on a simple idea of collecting the most creative gift ideas at one place.

We are new in the market, but we are determined to work hard and become your favourite place to buy creative gifts with reasonable prices. It is important for us to secure good shopping experience for our customers. 

Quality, fun and time are the three concepts we want to build giftery.cz around. 

Quality: We want to ensure you that all the products we sell correspond to the European quality standards. It means something to us. We reject cooperation with those, who cannot guarantee reliable sources of origin for their products. We are excited about our business and do not want to throw away our hard work by selling bad quality products made of dangerous materials. So don’t worry about the quality of our products. 

Fun: The point of giving a present is to bring joy. Let others bring socks and sweaters and think they brighten the recipient’s day. We think you should bring joy to the ones you care about by buying creative and fun products at giftery.cz. We are not huge fans of gift cards either, but we offer them, too. At least the recipient will have fun when shopping at giftery.cz.    

Time: We want to help you save your valuable time. With giftery.cz you only spend your time while you are surfing between our product categories. Let others waste their time on thinking what to buy, where to buy and run from one shop to another. You have the privilege of knowing about giftery.cz. 

There is not much rocket science about using giftery.cz. You order the gift, we pack it and send it to you wrapped and ready, so you can hand it over to the lucky recipient. If you wish, we can add your greetings and deliver the gift to the recipient the day required. Just give us a couple of extra days in this case to make sure we make it on time. By the way, we work with the most advanced shipping companies in Czech Republic, so you don’t have to worry about this part of your order either.

Our biggest partner is Donkey Products Gmbh., which is present in almost every EU country and is one of the biggest players in the market, producing and supplying exciting products. This concept of importing from a manufacturer secures competitive prices for you.

Finally, we are always looking for newer exciting products. As soon as we find something exciting that might tempt our customers, we do our best to add it to our product catalogue. 

We are glad and easy-going people at giftery.cz. You are always welcome to send us your comments, enquiries, gift ideas or even simple greetings. We love getting emails from our customers. 

Have fun shopping at giftery.cz

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